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Sunny American School美語是開拓國際視野必須具備的最根本能力, 丹尼兒美國學校秉持了這個概念,藉由全方位的幼兒教育學習, 融入全天候、全美語的教學課程, 達到生活教育與語言教育完美結合的理念。

並有計畫的將知識灌輸、情感交流、社會活動的成長過程, 依階段性計畫的在美語環境中,給小朋友們最好的栽培與照顧! 本園擁有精緻校園,精心規劃幼兒專屬的成長空間, 並包括生活教育的各項設備。

● 專為兒童成長規劃的校園及安全無虞的綜合活動空間。
● 廚房採高溫、高壓餐具消毒設備並設獨立迴路安全系統。
● 園區設攀岩區、綜合遊戲區,具自然的生活教育功能。

Sunny is a special school because it immerses children in an English environment. Very little Chinese is spoken in the school or on the school property. This helps teachers and staff to focus on the speaking and listening skills of students. The children are taught to have fun with English, and to never feel threatened or intimidated. At Sunny American School learning English is fun and rewarding. The children eventually grow to use English naturally. They also learn the necessary skills to read and write, giving them a will rounded education. Our students become prepared for the world, both academically and socially.

Teachers use a variety of teaching strategies and textbooks to best benefit students. Our focus is on active learning. Students have plenty of opportunities to use the skills they learn. The teachers have close relationships with each other and with all the students.

Sunny American School offers a wide range of subjects including Math, Language Arts, Phonics, Sports, Science, Music, Art, and many more. These subjects are all completely taught in English by a multinational staff including teachers from The United Kingdom, Canada, South Africa, Australia and America.

Our school offers students many other opportunities to use their skills including special event days such as theme birthday parties, drama performances, morning exercise, summer camp, speech competitions and school trips. The school has a large outdoor play area, a library, rock climbing, jungle gyms, and gardens. The students truly enjoy it here, and if you don’t believe me, just ask them!